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Bee-spoke Designs


A bespoke design is a great way to personalise your piece(s).  If you want just a hint of shine...a delicate wash of pastel, or a pop of colour; a crystal bead or to add in a vintage or personal item; to incorporate underwater treasure such as freshwater pearls or a mother of pearl lustre; add a sparkle of fine silver or even the

midas touch of gold...this is the way to go!

If it is a design for a Wedding you can incorporate your

'Something old, Something new and Something Blue' 

into your wedding hair accessories, or possibly even

in to a piece of bespoke jewellery.

For the future I am considering the

'Something Borrowed'...

...there's things buzzing around in my head! 

Silver & Gold

Whilst I love the simple white elegance of porcelain sometimes I like to add a Fine Silver shell or flower here & there.


For added decadence it is possible to add a whole layer of 22ct Gold to porcelain, or just Gold Highlights for added sparkle.

 cute hexagonal kiln!

Colour, Glaze

& Lustre

There are also colour, glazing and lustre options available.  Glaze is not

 necessary but can be added in several finishes if you prefer. It is however necessary to glaze before adding

lustres & gold.

You can add a Mother of Pearl Lustre to white porcelain sea shells; add Colour for Baby Pink roses or add teeny Blue Velvet finish flowers for your ‘Something Blue’ if it's for a wedding piece.


Please see my Forget-Me-Nots page for Something Blue or to learn about their symbol of Love & Loyalty.

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Bespoke Designs can also incorporate;  Silver, Gold, Freshwater Pearls, Beads, Crystals,

Semi-precious or Precious Stones or Gems, Vintage Beads or Buttons.

Sparkles, Pearls & Vintage Finishing Touches

The Bee-spoke Process

I have a bespoke collection of handcrafted items, though being entirely made by hand these will always be individual and unique.  I also love to offer a custom design service to tailor and personalise my designs for different styles; perhaps adding different leaves, flowers, feathers or adding birds or dragonflies to the design, creating lengths or altering the size of items. 

Please feel free to have a good look through my website at ideas and photos, or if you prefer please visit my Instagram or Facebook pages.

Once a client contacts me I will email any additional information needed, if any is required, and I am happy to discuss options with you covering porcelain finishes, sizes or amounts needed.  If you love something I have already made I can simply re-create it for you.  If you would like to adapt something, mix and match or, if you have your own ideas, I am also very happy to create something extra special and unique to yourself.

I always provide a quote for my work by email and ask for a non-refundable Design & Consultation Fee as a deposit which is usually 20% of the total amount and is deducted from the remaining balance.  This covers my design correspondance, quoting, researching products for individuals & creating or adapting a design.  


Please note that all quotes include Bee Lavish Gift Packaging & Royal Mail Delivery .

Please be aware that I generally require 4-6 weeks to design, make and ship orders, however please still ask if time is tight as I will do my best, and I try to keep a little stock of some items ready to wire into designs.  Adding colours, glazes and/or lustres adds to the number of times porcelain has to be fired in the kiln so please note these options may not be possible, or they may be limited at short notice.  However, I will always advise and discuss this with you if time is short!

I hope this has given you a little insight into my process and the time that would be spent working with you, and on your bespoke order to create a tailored piece that you will treasure, and perhaps pass down or loan to others close to you.  If you have a particular idea or budget in mind please feel free to discuss this with me. 





If you like something that's a little bit unique, inspired by nature at heart but retains a timeless

charm & elegance, then I hope you have found what you are looking for, and I look forward to hearing from you! x