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Clustered Gypsophila Hair Comb

My absolute favourite; clusters of beautiful matt white porcelain gypsophila flowers.  These are very beautiful and delicate looking teeny tiny flowers, each one hand crafted and wired individually with silver plated wire into an exquisite cluster. 


Clusters can be made with slightly larger flowers or open Forget-Me-Not flowers if required, or even wired on a smaller or larger hair comb, which would alter the pricing lower or higher to suit varying budgets and styles. 

Also available with bespoke options (see my Bee-spoke page for ideas)

Hair Pins & Boutonnières

Hair pins are items with a hole through them allowing them to be wired onto silver plated, gold plated or even sterling silver wires.  These can be placed individually around the hair to suit any hair style or they can be clustered together.  They are secured in place with hair grips.


Flowers can be made in various sizes or numbers, and are particularly lovely as Flowers or Rose hair pins.  Hair pins have also been made as love birds, tiny bees, dragonflies, even mice! Or, if you have a bespoke request, please just let me know.

I have also made these as props, for table decorations, porcelain boutonnieres (for button holes), or to mix in with real flower boutonnieres or hair accessories.

Strands with Silver Shells

This is a beautiful and elegant hair comb with a combination of soft florals and sea shells in beautiful white porcelain.  The hair comb fans out over four extra strands which looks particularly stunning in an up do style.  The additional strands have wired loops to hold them in place with hair grips. 


This particular design features two hand cast Fine Silver Sea shells to add a touch of individuality and elegance to an already exquisite hair comb.  This item can be tailored to any combination of flowers and/or shells or other items.  The Fine Silver Shells could be easily be Gold instead or the item could be kept pure white.  Pearls or Crystals could be added...lots of possibilities!  Hair comb size could be changed for larger or smaller and the number of strands could be increased or decreased to suit style or budget.

 Check out the Bee-spoke page!

Kiln no ground copy.png

Hair Vines

Hair Vines are a versatile choice, they can be made to any length, from very short to the size to drape around a bun, or worn at the back or side of your

hair style.  Vines can also be incorporated into a braid. 


The Vine photographed above is approximately  30 cms in length, which

again can be altered to suit both hair styles, lengths and varying budgets. 

Vines feature a minimum of two loops, one at each end to secure them in place,

or you can attach ribbon to the loops if you wish to fasten it out of sight,

under the hair. 


Halos are also a lovely option and again are customisable with choice of decoration and can be made to the circumference best suited for individual comfort.

You can

 personalise designs

with Silver, Gold,

Glaze, Lustres & Colour.

Or by adding

Crystals, Pearls

& Gems!

Ocean Treasures

Exquisitely beautiful bridal commission, another favourite of mine       


I absolutely love the clusters of freshwater pearls scattered throughout these petite bird cage hair combs.  Four handcrafted fine silver seashells are nestled in between matt white porcelain limpet, cockle and clam shells with some delicate porcelain flower sprigs completing the design.  

Elegant and feminine with a definite beach vibe, a friend of mine described it as an ocean treasure trove...


Bespoke touches like these fresh water pearls and silver shells add more depth to a design...

Other Examples

A few other examples of my Hair Comb designs.

Perhaps take a look at the Gallery for more pictures and some pieces of jewellery, 

and maybe buzz over to my other pages for

Bee-spoke ideas & Forget-Me-Not flowers

Add a Golden Leaf or a Gold Bumble Bee for a touch of sparkle to catch the eye