Private Commissions & Personalising designs

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A Commission is an exclusive and wonderful way to either personalise a design you may already have fallen in love with, or create a new bespoke design for yourself.

Currently I offer two creative options for Bee Lavish Commissions; Personalisation & Bespoke which are outlined below.  Please note that to maintain the high standards of my artisan techniques that each and every piece requires, the availability of my Commissions are limited, so booking is absolutely essential.  You can book a free 30 minute Consultation by emailing me at or by using the contact form.


Some of my porcelain Hair Adornment designs will soon be available to buy in the online Bee Lavish store.  Whilst still made to order these are not offered with any adjustments or personalisations.

Personalising Designs

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Whilst I love the simple white elegance of porcelain, you may have fallen in love with a Bee Lavish design but want to add those little finishing touches so that it reflects your personality.  Personalising a design is a wonderful way to achieve this.

Some popular and delicately beautiful examples are where my hand crafted embellishments have simply been included in Fine Silver, such as bees or seashells.  I have also found that some Brides love to add a discreet teeny blue Forget-Me-Not for their 'Something Blue'.   You might also want to keep the design but add a delicate sparkle of tiny faceted gemstones, or the gleaming lustre of freshwater pearls.  


Bespoke Designs

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As with personalising a design, you may have found something you love but want to take it one step further, adding a delicate wash of pastel colour, or even a bright pop of colour.  For added decadence it is even possible to add artisan made embellishments of gold or silver, or even delicate lustres or highlights with pearl lustres and 22ct gold highlights.


It might be that you want to blend the elements of several designs, or remove some.  You may have an idea for a different design idea, or wish to order matching hair combs/pins for Bridesmaids.  Measurements can also be adjusted to make slightly shorter Hair Vines, or different sized Hair Combs.  Other ideas might be to add an element of your design to a fresh flower boutonnière for key family members, or just for the groom. 


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Personalisation or Bespoke Designs begin with a consultation.  I offer up to a 30 minute virtual face to face appointment.  This is the ideal way for us to meet, for me to understand a little more about your upcoming wedding or event, and to discuss design ideas and personalisations.  By the end of our appointment we will have an idea of what your bespoke or personalised order looks like.  If you are happy to proceed, then at this point I will outline your order by email, and also request a non-fundable Design & Consultation Fee be paid to the Bee Lavish business account.


The Design & Consultation Fee acts as a deposit to secure  your booking. This fee is also used to cover my time to design your order, and to research and order the materials needed.  I usually request between 25-50% of your order total depending on the scale of the order and materials used.  The balance is then due on completion and before I send your order to you.   All UK items are sent by Royal Mail Special Delivery, or by DPD Courier Service.  For non UK deliveries I will always look at the most appropriate way to send your items.


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Commission pricing is very variable as they very much depend on materials and the amount of work in the design. 

My work is unique, artisan and individual, therefore I price according to my use of quality materials and time it takes to craft pieces, whether its for one simple unique hair pin, or a hair vine with embellishments.  They can be tailored for many budgets depending on your personal tastes.  I like to think that my designs are not just special on a particular day but that, with care, they should last a life time and will hold treasured memories for you, and to perhaps pass on to a loved one for another special event.

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