The Wonder of Little Details

I’ve taken some time lately to really think about what inspires me, what I want to create, and where I might be heading. This year has really encouraged all of us to think about some things on a smaller scale but this doesn't have to stop us moving forward in big ways.

I was very inspired by Bonny & Clyde Wedding Boutique’s recent instagram celebration of all things small but mighty, it really got the cogs turning! So thank you, and thank you for including me, it has really made me think about my designs. All of which are little! Even my larger pieces are made up of smaller detailed individual elements. I am most definitely a maker of tiny treasures, and I should be proud and embrace this instead of always wondering if they're too small, or wether to make designs that just don't reflect my true nature.

I LOVE little items and little details, I can't seem to help it! Luckily for me nature is full of them, everywhere you look there is a tiny petite world all around us, and this is my inspiration. I think I have always been the same, utterly fascinated by everything around me. My eyes wander constantly taking everything in, automatically looking for tiny delicate items, patterns, colours, shapes and textures. It can however be completely distracting! I always find something on an outing, not just inspiration, but what to me is 'treasure' that I'm always compelled to feel; the weight, or the shape, or texture. Whether it's a leaf or a sea shell, a flower or an acorn, even a blade of grass, I love them all, and every little detail.

Photo above: Bird in Flight Hair Comb in Natural White Porcelain with Fine Silver Details

Nature, like life, isn’t always perfect but it is intrinsically beautiful. For me personally it’s about seeing the beauty within, the perfection of imperfection...a wild raw beauty which draws me in again and again...and this has now taken me full circle back to where my inspiration began. As a child (and still now!), I was always dancing around barefoot, collecting rose petals or sea treasures...I still adore that soft velvet like texture and the large scented nodding blooms of wild and english roses, and I'm never happier than when I'm by the sea. I think what I'm trying to say is that I've had the time this year to re-discover this about myself, to embrace and celebrate all things small, to slow down and see anew the wonder of little details all around me, and capture it in my designs.

Photo above: English Roses - inspired by my childhood love of english and wild roses.

So, I am currently re-visiting my love of my tiny detailed sea shells, and have put together a few earrings in a collection called Little Shells, I am hoping to add to this over time. I'll showcase these in my instagram stories after this blog post is published, and then they will be the first items I will list in my store for sale. I was definitely feeling overwhelmed with the thought that 'everything must be ready as a huge collection of work all at once' (!), and have instead been inspired to take smaller steps and add things little by little. I'm also nearly finished making some delicate minimal stacking rings that I'm calling Little Stacks (you can see the theme!).

As I move forward I definitely have big ideas but they're all seeded from something small and they're big on little details! So please remember, don't be dismayed or come to a stand still by the smaller things in life, embrace the little details and keep moving'll still be taking big steps.

Thank you to Laura for her gorgeous photos of my designs!

Thank you to the lovely bonny & clyde for their inspiration, you can view their work at