• Forget-Me-Not Earrings - White Glazed


    'lush carpets of five petaled blooms nestle in the dappled light flowing through the leaves of trees, whispering of true loves'


    Inspired by the petite and adoringly pretty wildflowers of forget-me-nots that naturally bloom in abubance in blue, white and pink.  Their history and meaning steeped in true love, loyalty and memories.


    Artisan Flowers made from porcelain with luxurious argentium flower centres, earring wires and butterfly scrolls. Please note there is also a small silver bead cap behind the flower to complete the assembley of the hand wires.


    Large Flowers (pictured in White with Glaze) are approx. 1cm diameter

    Medium Flowers (pictured in Bue Velvet) are approx. 6mm diameter


    Flowers Available in White, Blue & Pink.

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