Night Sky Diamond Bracelet


A minimalist style delicate Silver Sterling or 14k Gold Filled Bracelet set with a teeny exquisite genuine Black Diamond bead.  Each black diamond is faceted to allow it to subtley twinkle when it catches the light, symbolising the mystical Night Sky.


Black Diamonds hold a meaning transendence, they symbolise passion, power and eternity and make an original, luxurious but understated piece of jewellery.  Wear it on it's own, or layer with other delicate Bee Lavish Bracelet's for a look that's right for you.


The Black Diamonds I use are cut diamonds, not raw diamonds. They are from a reputable supplier, are individually cut, faceted for sparkle and polished.  As with any natural product there will be slight variants.  They measure approximately 2.25-2.75mm, are jet black giving a good depth of colour and 

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