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Pearl Sparkle Necklace


An understated elegant necklace showcasing a single lustrous pearl floating on the centre of a delicate sparkling necklace.  


Did you know that pearl is our most historic and unique gem? They symbolise the purity, generosity, integrity, and loyalty of its wearer. Pearls are also known for their calming effect and are believed to attract luck, wealth, the strengthening of relationships and protection.


This delicate trace necklace has a diamond cut finish for added sparkle as it catches glimpses of the light.  Approximately 1.2mm in diameter, and available in different size lengths.


Each one is hand wired with a quality lustrous and natural freshwater pearl.  A random pearl will be chosen from a their varying natural colour palette of white, off white/ivory or peachy pink tones, unless specified upon ordering by emailing please (please note I do not use artificialy dyed pearls). If you have a special request for a pearl I don't supply as a bespoke order, then please email before placing an order and I'll do my best to help you.


If you are looking for a precious metal that's not listed, again please ask, and a bespoke order can be created for you.

Precious Metal Necklace
  • Care Instructions

    Please take care of your of jewellery, a little love and appreciation goes a long way! 

    Pearls - please do not wear pearl jewellery in water.  Pearls can not be set with solder (a mechanical fixing), they instead set with a pearl prong and jeweller's adhesive or external claw settings.  They can be dislodged and adhesive can break down over time with general wear and tear, heat from the body etc.  Perls can be easily re-set should this every occur but taking extra care of them is best!

    Silver & Precious Metals oxidise over time, so are best stored in a box when not worn.  A little buff with a silver/gold cloth now and then will keep your piece looking clean.  It is recommended that you do not wear precious whilst bathing or swimming to keep it in good condition.

    If you need a deeper clean and polish, for your jewellery, please feel free to ask about a bee-spoke cleaning service.