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Sweet Sea Shell Studs


Part of the Sea Silver Collection.  A small range of beautiful petite sea shell earring studs...whether you're on holiday or local to the sea why not carry a little bit of the coast with you...wherever you wander.


Nature's beautiful shell shapes and textures captured and indiviudally hand cast and finished in quality fine sIlver, with sterling silver earring pegs and butterfly backs.


Choose from 

Sweet Cockle Shells

Sweet Clam Shells

Sweet Honey Shells

Sweet Mussel Shells

Sweet Sea Shell Style
  • Care Instructions

    Please take care of your of jewellery, a little love and appreciation goes a long way!  Silver oxidises over time, so it is best stored in a box when not worn.  A little buff with a silver cloth now and then will keep your piece looking clean.  It is recommended that you do not wear silver whilst bathing or swimming to keep it in good condition.

    If you need a deeper clean and polish, for your jewellery, please feel free to ask about a bee-spoke cleaning service.