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However you have arrived at Bee Lavish, wether you are looking for something Luxurious, Special or just that little bit different; if you are Bridal shopping, Gift shopping or perhaps just looking for a Treat to lavish upon yourself, it is lovely to meet you. 


Borrowing from the words of Fabergé, I consider myself to be an artist-jeweller, living and working in a coastal village in beautiful Devon.  Inspiration is all around us but for myself,  the enchantment of the sea, far reaching emerald green views and the heady scents of both wild and english country garden flowers, as the birds, bees and butterflies dance amongst them, is what inspires me the most. 

After growing up in the hustle and bustle of a city until the age of 15 years, I couldn't wait to relocate with my family to Devon.  I longed for the beach, the salty tang to the sea air and the scent of flowers carried along with it. A place to feel relaxed, free and creative.


I have always had a love of jewellery, in particular the gleam of silver.  I have also been playing and working with clay in various forms since a very young age.  I had no idea these two things would come together later on, allowing me to create luxurious, charming and delicate nature inspired designs for hair adornments and jewellery.

It has been a slow winding journey for me to create what is now Bee Lavish, developing and exploring my skills and inspiration along the way...but worth every moment. I hope you will agree, and that I may join you briefly on your journey as my path crosses with yours. Wether you are looking for luxurious, elegant or charming but relaxed designs, for yourself or a loved one, bee lavish.



I love simple and elegant design inspired by the wild beauty of nature.  I love to try and capture an essence of this through the creative processes I use as an artist-jeweller and ceramicist.  Creating beautiful, unique, timeless pieces using kiln fired natural porcelain, and recycled precious metals.  Jewellery from the earth, inspired by nature, and shaped in nature's forms.


My designs are not mass produced, they are individually hand crafted using the very finest quality porcelain that requires kiln firing, making them true artisan ceramic pieces.  The precious metals I use are carefully sourced from the highest quality, recycled precious metals available.  Maintaining an elegant yet delicate charm to my designs is imperative, whilst using and promoting responsible  natural and recycled materials. 


For me snow white porcelain creates the most luxurious, beautiful pieces.  They have an ethereal serenity about them.  It also has the flexibility to afford individual client's personalities to be reflected by the addition of bespoke commissions adding in Colour, Glazes, Glints of pure Silver & Gold, and even the most luxurious of Velvet finishes.


Having first started working with Fine Silver in a clay form 18 years ago, I also sometimes incorporate Fine Silver and Porcelain together within my designs, by adding a Fine Silver embellishment to catch the light, or natural pearls to compliment the porcelain with their elegant and captivating lustre.

About​ My Designs

My love of clay

started with fimo!

I love Mussell Shells

Little facts about me

I collect mermaids tears

I love bumble bees!

The beach makes

my soul smile

White flowers are my favourite...I would love a Moon Garden

This year my designs won an award 

Porcelain and Fine Silver are similar working processes; both are an absolute labour of love.  Once crafted they are dried, smoothed, or sanded, and then I kiln fire my items, sometimes 2-3 times depending on the required finish.


My porcelain pieces are high fired up to 1260 degrees in my own kiln to achieve a beautiful finish; fine silver is fired at 650 degrees, cleaned and then hand burnished and polished. 


For Hair Adornments each individual item is wired using tarnish resistant silver or gold plated wire.  Depending on the item or requirements, these are wired on to hand forged Plated, Luxury Argentium Silver or 14k Gold Filled Wire to create luxurious yet enchanting hair combs, vines and pins.

My Porcelain Jewellery is created using porcelain in combination with both wiring & metal smithing techniques to create unique exquisite pieces.

My other Silver & Gold Jewellery work is a combination of traditional metal smithing, silver clay and water casting.

Silver Clay is recycled particles of fine silver combined with an organic clay binder, this burns off on firing to allow the silver particles to bind together making a solid object.  I use this in some of my work as it allows me the flexibility to work with my hands as I do with clay, shaping and texturing little details.

Water Casting is a method I particularly like to use and is a feature of my Cannikin Designs.  When done correctly correctly casting molten metals in to water can produce a variety of shapes from organic shapes to little petals or cup shapes.  I like to cast using luxurious Argentium Silver, and I cast my designs in to local Devon Spring Water, making them very unique.

About My Process

Award Winning Devon based Artisan Ceramic & Jewellery Designer Maker

Wedding & Special Occasion Hair Adornments & Fine Jewellery

inspired by the wild beauty of nature


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