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The Bee Lavish Studio and my workshop are based at my home.  Nestled in a valley surrounded by the rolling green hills of Devon's beautiful countryside, with the ocean just over the other side of the valley.  Being surrounded by what inspires and relaxes me the most shapes the forms of my designs.  From the salty sea air of our rugged coastlines, sandy beach treasures and lush green countryside; to the intoxicating sight and scents of the blooms of our bee laden english country gardens, graceful wildflower meadows and the enchantingly swaying trees in between. ​

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Bee Lavish designs are individually created using high quality, carefully sourced natural materials.  I use recycled precious metals from the UK and I am a Registered Fairtrade Goldsmith.  I also carefully source and use ethical traceable and natural gemstones, diamonds and natural pearls.  The clay I work with is one of the finest natural porcelains available, and is supplied here in the UK.  I love simple elegant design combined with capturing the essence of nature's care free wild beauty.  Designs that tell a story of its rich history as raw natural materials; that are inspired and shaped by nature's forms, and that have been made by hand with deliberate consideration for each mark, shape, cut, file or solder left on the final piece.  There is a luxurious quality to such carefully made items that tell a story, with each new chapter being added by your own to come.

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Bee Lavish is the work of my designs and fabrication as an artisan-jeweller and ceramicist.  I am a self taught metal smith; an early love of metal, gemstones and being the great granddaughter of a silver smith, means I have always been fascinated with designing and making jewellery in one form or another.  Similarly I have always had a love of various clays and working with my hands, and a few years ago I fell in love with the beauty of kiln fired white porcelain.  Before this I had wandered on to a very different path, so I had no idea these two things would eventually come together, allowing me to create delicate nature inspired designs.

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