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Covid-19 Update

I am now able to take orders again. However due to reduced staff at the suppliers I use for raw materials, designs and orders may take a little longer than usual. I will advise you if this will impact on your order, but please bear this in mind, allow plenty of time, and kindly make me aware of any dates so that we can work together with these in mind. I am unable to access my local post office at present and am instead using th DPD Local Courier Service which offers contactless doorstep collection & delivery. Although postage is generally included wit your order, if you require your order at this time and it exceeds the regular size limit or insurance value of the courier service, then this will need to be arranged at additional customer cost. Most items will be fine and if there will be an additional cost I will advise you of this and raise a seperate invoice for the shortfall. Thank you.

Bee Lavish Online Store - How Long Do Orders Take?

All of my orders are Made To Order, I do not hold volumes of stock, or prescious raw materials. For Silver/Gold online store items I aim to complete orders within 2-4 weeks. This is dependent on any materials I may need to order, and at present a litlle extra time is added as a precaution as suppliers are operating with minimal staff. For Porcelain online store orders at the moment, I would allow 4-6 weeks working time though this can be quicker depening on the order type and size. I schedule my firings with my workload to allow for economical use of the kiln. However, I do try to keep a small amount of my flowers and seashells ready, so if you have any concerns about time, or a specific date please ask and I will do my best to help you.

How long do Commmisions take to make?

Comfortably, at the present time, I would allow 4 - 6 weeks for a commission. My work is very intricate and takes time and care to make each individual item that makes up the whole design, so it will depend on the design itself and the size of the order. After out initial appointment I will update you a couple of times along the way so you that you will know when your design is being kiln fired, and so that you can approve the approximate lay out before your hair adornments are wired. Delays in confirming these can also add to the timescale as I will not complete the design without your approval. It is very important to me to ensure that you are happy with your final design!

Cancellations, Refunds & Breakages

Due to the nature of creating unique artisan designs that are all Made to Order, whether these are bought in the Bee Lavish Online Store, or are Commisions (Bespoke or Persoanilsed), I am afraid I can not acccept cancellations or refunds. For Commissions, as I work closely with you to provide updates at various points, these can sometimes be adapted at these strategic points in the design timescale. We will work together to ensure you are happy with your finished design. However, as my Commissions are based on an hourly rate that I carefully work out to compete your design, along with material costs, any alterations that incur additional time or materials will need to be agreed and added to your final balance. Whilst porcelain has considerable strength it is best to handle it with care and not drop or strike it on hard surfaces. I also kindly request that you do not attempt to un-do or rearrange any of the designs wiring as this can compromise the strength and stability of the wire. Should this happen I can offer a paid for service for a repair, where appropriate, or a re-wire.

UK Postage & Packaging

Please see my Covid-19 Update, and email me to discuss delivery if you have any queries. Usually for UK deliveries I use the Royal Mail Signed For service, as this system provides a tracking number for us both to use, and insurance for up to £500. Hopefully this wouldn't be needed but once posted I'm afraid I can not be held accountable for Royal Mail's delivery service. Should something go wrong we can relax knowing that my design and working time, materials and your order cost, can be claimed for and recovered, allowing me to re-make your design. Please note that this method of delivery requires a signature so I will advise you when I am ready to send your order in case an alternative day/address is preferable. If this is not possible or you miss the delivery, you will be responsible for making your own arrangments for re-delivery, or collection from your local sorting office. Bee Lavish Gift Packaging is included in all orders. Orders are generally housed in luxury matt black jewellery boxes or pillow envelopes, in varying sizes, depending on the item ordered. All gift boxes contain a velvet finish inner to cushion your order. Orders are protected by adding Bee Lavish printed tissue paper (and sometimes re-used bubble wrap wrapped inside the tissue paper for added safety when in transit). Gift Boxes are completed with an environmentally friendly Bee Lavish wax seal and ribbon. Items are typically shipped in a re-usable bubble bag depending on the size and quantity of your order.

Europe & International Delivery and Customs Charges

Please also see my other FAQs on UK Postage and Covid-19. For orders outside of the UK, I will either use the Royal Mail Service where appropriate, or a DPD/DHL type service. Please be aware that you will need to advise me of this before ordering as any additional postage over what is included with orders, or insurance costs, will need to be added to your order. I will check the most appropriate method and confirm this before you decide to go ahead, extra costs will be added to your order. You will need to check and be responsible for any customs or extra charges for the country you are shipping your order to. Please be aware that I will not send items as gifts or stated as a lower value than your order, as your items would not be covered if unfortunately, something went missing in transit.

Care & Cleaning of Items

I believe that Jewellery and Adornments are special and should be taken care of. Porperly cared for Porcelain and Prescious Metals can last for a considerable amount of time, and be passed on to family and friends. Always store them in their origianl box where possible or another apporpriate jewellery type box, out of direct sunlight and kept dust free and dry. Prescious metals do tarnish over time, particularly silver. They tarnish more quickly when left out in the air where they oxidise. This can be easily cleaned with a silver and/or gold polishing cloth, or by myself or another jeweller at service costs. Porcelain if glazed should not hold much surface dirt and can be wiped cleaned carefully with a soft cloth. Unglazed porcelain does get dirty but again can be cleaned. I find a soft toothbrush or even a cotton bud, and a mild bit of soap and warm water brushed over them cleans very well. If a piece is wired you will need please to take care not to damage the wiring or get it too wet. Leave to air dry, when fully dry store again for another day. The wire I use for wiring is tarnish resistant but again being stored in a box and occassionaly wiped with a silver/gold polishing cloth is how to care for this. Pieces can of course can also be re-wired or re-worked in the future, a bit like strings of pearls! Please do not wear jewellery or porcelain in the shower/bath or other humid conditions like steam rooms etc. and not whilst swimming/bathing. It is also advisable to apply make up/purfume or hair products first before wearing jewellery or hair adornments so you don't coat them in products that may cause damage or build up.

Organic Shapes & Natural Raw Materials

My working process is very organic and natural, the very nature of what I make and the materials I use are becasue I love to work with my hands, and I love using raw materials that originated from the earth. Although my designs are repeated for sale, no two will ever be identical. For me, this adds to the artisan process, and the character and charm of my designs. I do not accept returns because items are not identical, this is a part of my work and reflects the imperfect beauty of nature that inspires me.


My clay is sourced in the UK, I buy in small very high quallity batches of Porcelain. As much as possible I recycle my clay where any pieces I am working on get broken, or if my clay dries out. Dry clay can simply be stored in a lidded bucket with water added to re-gain its elasticity and conditioned to be re-used. My use of hard prescious metals comes from a UK bullion dealer who uses recycled silver and gold. The fine silver I use is generally in clay form and is made up of recycled silver particles in an organic water binder. The molecules sinter together on firing to become solid fine silver. Any other items I use in my designs or for Commissions are all sourced as carefully and mindfully as possible.

Commissions Only - Design & Consultation Fee (Deposit)

Full payment is prefered, otherwise I kindly ask for a non returnable Design & Consultation Fee to act as a deposit. This is usually 25 - 50% of the total amount due, depending on your order cost and materials being used. This ensures trust between us and covers my time responding to your design queries, sketching ideas where necessar or working out a design/manufacture, or how to tailor a design for you, and ordering materials for your project. This amount then comes off the total due so only the balance remains when your order is ready for shipping. I will only ship items once they are fully paid for, and I do not offer credit. A tailored quote is always sent first via email so that both the design you are ordering and the amount is clear, and you are aware of my terms of sale. There are no refunds or cancellations once I have agreed to work on your deisgn. When you are happy to go ahead I ask that the Design & Consultation Fee is paid to the Bee Lavish Business Account., details of which are provided on the quote and the account is based at Starling Bank. Where needed, an Invoice is sent for the remaining balance when your item is ready and will be shipped once payment isreceived. Tracking information is provided to you and all items are insured during delivery.

Photo Shoots

Bee Lavish has made and loaned items for photo shoots. Please contact me through the Contact Form or by emailing directly if you are interested in working together.

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Terms & Conditions

My Terms & Conditions are laid out above in the Frequently Asked Questions Sections.  Please ensure you familiarise yourself with any that are relevant to your order, or potential order.

Due to the nature of my work I do not offer refunds or cancellations for any type of Commissions or for items purchase in the Bee Lavish Online Store, as these are also Made to Order items.  Whilst every care is taken to maintain a high standard of work, if you believe something to be faulty then I will be happy to look over the item and make a repair for you where I deem this to be my workwomanship.  However, it is the customers responsibility to cover costs for postage both ways and any customs fees.  Where the piece has been amended or broken by the customer or a third party, I will do my best to repair or re-wire your design for a service fee to cover my time.  Please see the FAQ section about caring for products to avoid this happening!  :)

Online Store Orders  - please currently allow 2-4 weeks for your order to be hand crafted for you unless an item is marked as ready to ship.

Commissions - please allow 4-6 weeks for your order to be designed, agreed and crafted for you. I only take a limited amount of commission work so please book early to void being disappointed!

Your order may be ready sooner than these timescales but please contact me in plenty of time if it is needed for a special date.  If your date is at short notice, or you've found Bee Lavish designs late in the day, please still contact me and I will do my best to help you.

For Postage to the UK and Internationally, please see the relevant FAQ Sections.

Please also read the section on Design & Consultation Fees (Deposit) for Commissions.

If there is anything else I can help with, or you want to book a Design Appointment for a Commission, please either email me at or use the Contact Form.


Thank you

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