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Hair Adornments - Commissions

Hair Adornments - Commissions


From 2024 onwards a small number of Wedding Hair Commission will be avilable throughout the year...please book to avoid any disappointment!  My Hair Adornments are made in entirely in precious metals, or with natural gemstones or pearls added, they are also available combined with delicate handmade porcelain flowers.  Please email for more details, or to book a commission.

Precious Metal
  • Item Details

    Width:  Variable

    Height: Variable

  • Naturekind

    The precious metals used by Bee Lavish are either recycled or fairtrade, and any pearls/gemstones are natural and sourced from ethical suppliers

  • Lead Times & Enquiries

    Lead Times & Enquiries


    Please email for a customised order, or for current lead times; these vary depending on my availabilty, the materials chosen, and the complexity of the design.

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