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Herkimer Diamond Pendant

Herkimer Diamond Pendant


Herkimer is a doubly terminated crystal found only in Herkimer County, New York & Mohawk Rover Valley.  They have a similar structure to diamonds; exceptional natural clarity and a sparkling faceted surface, hence its honorary name Herkimer Diamond!


These are very petite gemstone beads, very clear with a gorgeous twinkle that catches the light on a dainty chain.  Pleas note that chain styles will vary with different precious metal choices and comes in  a standard 18" chain length.

  • Item Details

    Necklaces/Chains are standard 18" length available in either Silver, 9ct Yellow Gold or 9ct White Gold.  The design will vary across different metals and availability but the chain is delicate to match the petite pendant.

    The Herkimers are a very petite but pretty bead, pendant wired with irregular facets that twinkle in the light giving it its famous sparkle and honorary title of Diamond.  Herkimer approx. 5mm x 4mm but each one is unique and will vary.

  • Naturekind

    The precious metals used by Bee Lavish are either recycled or fairtrade, and any pearls/gemstones are natural and sourced from ethical suppliers.

  • Lead Times & Enquiries

    Please email if you would like a different material than listed, or a customised order.  These are currently only being offererd as Christmas Advent Listings.

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