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Pappus Seed Cluster Necklace

Pappus Seed Cluster Necklace


Inspired by the beautifully soft puffball heads of dandelions that dance and sway gently in the breeze. Pappus seeds are thought to represent the stars as they float gently through the skies.  Inidvidually hand forged, each seed is delicately textured to twinkle in the light as they gently sway.


Scattered amongst the cluster of pappus seeds are petite natural pearls, these can easily be customised for no pearls and just papus seeds, or for a different natural gemstone or diamond bead; please email for customaisation as price will depend on gemstone requested.  Seeds are made from Argentium Silver (a higher quality Silver than Sterling), and placed on organically shaped hand forged links.


Precious Metal
  • Item Details

    Width: 9cm

    Height: 1.3cm

    Necklace: Silver is used with Argentium Silver seeds, otherwise the necklace will match the material of the metal chosen.  Measurements are approx. as these are hand crafted items. Customisation by email.

  • Naturekind

    The precious metals used by Bee Lavish are either recycled or fairtrade, and any pearls/gemstones are natural and sourced from ethical suppliers.


  • Lead Times & Enquiries

    Please email if you would like a different material than listed or to custom order adding a natural gemstone or diamond bead.  Average lead time for this item is 2-6 weeks and is dependent on the material chosen.

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