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Experience Workshops suitable for Beginners in Silver Clay

Enjoy learning new fun skills, making memories and creating your own solid silver designs.


Please note that these Workshops are only available for Guests staying at a few select locations.  I have partnered with some beautiful local holiday venues in North Devon to offer this experience at Pickwell Manor, Belvedere, The Boat House and Unique Homestays; Novella and The Brandy Thief.  


Workshops should only be booked please after your holiday at the named venues above, have been confirmed, as they take place in the comfort of your own Holiday Accommodation, Garden, or a suitable Communal Area that you may have use of during your stay.  Otherwise please keep an eye out for my local experience workshops that take place occasionally and when available can be found in the Bee Lavish store.

If you are looking for information on the new Residential Workshops at Kentisbury Grange, there is some general information below on Silver Clay and what to wear/bring on the day, although Workshops may vary as advertised with Kentisbury Grange. 

Enjoy a fun workshop learning how to create with Silver Clay (suitable for beginners).  Recycled fine silver particles are suspended in an organic binder to make a workable non toxic clay.  Easier to handle, shape and texture than traditional silver smithing, you will spend the workshop learning all about silver clay; how to plan, design, create, dry (we will need access to an oven to do this whilst we take a short break), and finish your own pieces in fine silver.  You will fire your own pieces of silver so that the organic binder burns away and the silver sinters together, leaving you with a solid silver piece of jewellery to polish and wear by the end of the workshop. We will do this step by step, it’s fun and simple once you know how, and most people find this bit magical as it’s like alchemy and amazing to see!


The Coastal Workshop will show you how to make simple moulds of a beach find to replicate nature’s coastal forms, and similar to the Botanical workshop, you can also use coastal treasures just to apply texture and pattern.  Designs from both workshops can be finished polished, matt, or detailed with a technique to highlight any beautiful botanical or coastal textures.


 All tools are provided and materials are included, the Silver Clay, a Solid Silver Necklace and/or Findings (ear wires, jump rings), to assemble finished pieces.  Actual Workshop times will vary depending on the amount of people in a group (minimum 2 people).   1-2-1 Workshops are also available, and Workshops can also be adapted for younger children under 12.

(all children under 18 will need a parent or guardian present to supervise please, wether participating themselves in the workshop or not.  You will however need to purchase a workshop to use any Silver Clay yourself, thank you).


The Botanical Workshop is for creating a simple pendant or drop earring design based on a botanical; a flower or petal, herb, seed, leaf or fern, all of which can be used to imprint or texture your designs.  You will have access to cutters and rollers but also to fresh botanicals, and where appropriate, you are welcome to forage for anything that inspires your designs. 


Adults & Children aged 12+ £125pp

Minimum 2x people  

Workshop Length approx. 3-5.5 hours depending on Group size and techniques used.   Adult Workshops include enough Silver to create 2-3 items each depending on the size of the design.

Children Under 12

Minimum 2x children £65pp

Workshop Length approx. 2-3 hours and includes Silver Clay to make 1x item for each child. Either Workshop can be adapted for children, or alternatively

a Finger Print workshop (£95pp) can be arranged.

Silver Clay is non toxic but children should be supervised to not put their fingers in their mouths and will not be able to fire their own silver or use finishing solutions.

1-2-1 Individual Workshop £150-240pp

Individual Person Workshop including enough Silver to make 2-3 items, cost dependant on length of time required for the Workshop.


To book please either visit the Contact Page or email

Please leave details of your email address, phone number, group size (including children/ages), holiday dates or availability and which Workshop you would like to book.  I will try to respond as quickly as possible, preferably by email, but please understand that I can not take or make calls if I am in my own Workshop or giving a Workshop Experience, so I do not provide my number.

What to Wear & Safety

Please ensure you wear appropriate clothing you do not mind getting a little dirty/dusty, and closed toe shoes preferably when firing.  Hair should be tied back for safety, and if you wear glasses normally you may want these for close up work.  It is advisable to wear a mask during light sanding, particularly if working indoors, so please have access to one if you if you wish to wear one.  By attending a Workshop you agree not to copy any of Bee Lavish's lesson plans, ideas or designs to reproduce for teaching or selling. Thank you!

Cancellations & Refunds

Should you need to cancel your Workshop you will be offered to another date wherever possible.  If this is not possible a full refund (minus £30 admin fee), for cancellations is available for up to 2 weeks before your Workshop date.  After this date a 50% refund is available of each Workshop cost.  Due to the nature of the Workshops materials will have been ordered especially for you, and admin time spent arranging, ordering and cancelling your Workshop.  If your Workshop needs to be cancelled by Bee Lavish due to illness or unforeseen circumstances you will be offered an alternative time/date.  If this is not convenient you will receive a full refund of each Workshop cost.

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